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Common problems in glass furnaces

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In the design of glass furnace, the breast wall inclines inward, which is generally caused by the deformation of the breast wall supporting iron, the untimely loosening of the top thread of the breast wall or the insufficient reserved expansion joint being pushed to the inside of the furnace by the slope wall of the small furnace. In order to avoid this kind of thing, it is necessary to ensure that the breast wall supporting plate is horizontal and closely combined with the slap iron during masonry. In the process of baking kiln, we should always pay attention to check whether the top wire of the breast wall and the slope wall are flexible.

The pool wall is one of the important parts of the glass furnace, and the safety of the pool wall directly affects the safety of the furnace and the glass quality. Z has always adopted the traditional method of Z, that is, when the standard temperature rises above 500℃, the cooling fan on the wall of the pond is turned on. Later, the fan is gradually turned on and the fan opening is increased from about 120℃, and the fan is fully opened when it reaches 500℃. Make the pond wall form a more natural temperature gradient as far as possible from the beginning along the thickness direction, and specifically, we can keep the temperature of the outer surface of the pond wall between 100~200℃. After gradual improvement, the explosion crack of the pool wall brick has been reduced by more than 90%, especially the turtle crack that appeared before has never appeared in the following baking kilns.


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