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Importance of Hot Repair Project of Glass Kiln

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The core requirements of fire-retardant materials for glass melting furnaces are as follows: they need to have satisfactory application functions, such as continuous high temperature function, chemical resistance, reliability of alternating hot and cold accumulation and impact toughness; Must have high fire resistance; No pollution to the glass liquid, perhaps little pollution; Extend the service life as much as possible; There is no touch reaction between different materials laid together at high temperature; Accurate style and size, as little as possible consumption and heat loss; High-quality materials are used for vulnerable parts and materials for other parts.

In laminated glass industry, the quality of fireproof materials is related to developing the quality of laminated glass products, saving natural materials, prolonging the service life of the kiln and reducing the cost of laminated glass products. The operation conditions of different parts of the tank kiln are different, and the required functions are also different.

Necessity of hot repair project of glass kiln: The hot repair of industrial kiln can increase the service life of industrial kiln and avoid the loss of glass manufacturers as much as possible. Reducing can bring more benefits. Special hot patching series of refractory insulation materials have brought very good thermal repair refractory insulation materials to the glass industry. Choosing the correct concrete method of hot patching can make the industrial kiln recover and make the industrial kiln glow again.


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