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Importance of kiln air system engineering

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In the process of using the kiln, when the materials are burning, they all need enough oxygen to work. At this time, the ventilation of the kiln air system project determines the overall production quality. When the ventilation of the kiln fan is low, the oxygen supply is insufficient, the combustion speed slows down and the heat consumption increases. When the ventilation rate of kiln fan is high, the gas flow rate increases, the combustion decomposition time becomes shorter, and the flue gas volume after combustion is large and the heat consumption is high.

Ventilation of kiln fan is one of the two material conditions reflected by combustion. Without proper oxygen for fuel combustion in kiln, heat cannot be released and proper temperature cannot be maintained.

The debugging method of the kiln fan is to start the kiln fan by inching, and check whether the running direction of the kiln fan is the same as the calibration direction, otherwise, exchange the power connection of any two-phase motor. Check whether there is noise and abnormality in the kiln fan, otherwise it should be stopped quickly for inspection. Check the belt tension of the kiln fan (type C fan), and whether the lubricating points are filled with lubricating oil. Rotate the kiln fan coupling by hand to ensure that all parts can rotate flexibly and there is no sundries in the fan. Check whether the valves and rams of the kiln fan are flexible to open and close. Before starting each kiln fan, the damper of the imported kiln fan should be closed to Z, and the outlet valve should be fully opened to prevent the motor load from being too large. After the kiln fan runs normally, gradually increase the opening until it meets the requirements.


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