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Several ways to prolong the service life of glass furnace

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Any product or equipment that wants to be used for a longer time must know how to maintain it.

Glass melting furnace is a high-temperature thermal equipment, the main equipment in the glass industry and the heart of the glass industry. In order to prolong the service life of the furnace, increase the melting capacity of the furnace and reduce the energy consumption to a greater extent, in addition to choosing a reasonable furnace structure and using refractories and thermal insulation materials reasonably, we should also pay full attention to the influence of the production process, which is not only related to the melting capacity and glass quality of the furnace, but also seriously affects the service life of the furnace.

As a professional glass kiln construction, glass kiln design and glass kiln engineering company, Baisheng believes that extending the life of glass kiln can be considered from the following aspects:

1. When designing the formula: minimize the use of chemicals that have corrosive effects on the kiln; Reduce the melting coefficient of glass as much as possible to reduce the melting temperature.

2. To maintain a suitable and stable melting temperature in the production process, it is necessary to avoid large fluctuations in temperature.

3. Strictly control the particle size distribution of mineral raw materials, so as to reduce the erosion of refractory materials by ultrafine powder in raw materials.

4. Control the total iron content in raw materials, and be sure to remove the impurity iron in broken glass.

5. Add proper moisture to the batch to inhibit the generation of flying materials.

6. It is recommended to use heavy alkali if possible.


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