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Thermal insulation effect of glass kiln design

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The larger the design kiln scale of glass kiln, the lower the heat dissipation per unit output. Sealing between orifice and brick joint. Attention should be paid to the places such as charging port, temperature measuring hole and fire hole. If possible, we should choose a fully enclosed feeder, use corundum embedded tube to measure the temperature, and use industrial TV to observe the flame and melting.

The glass kiln is designed to save energy and the kiln body is insulated. In order to continuously improve the insulation effect. The improvement direction of kiln body insulation is to engage in multi-layer combined insulation layer, adopt composite insulation material, develop bulk concrete insulation material, and develop sealing material matching with various refractory materials. Large-scale kiln. The kiln body is insulated. High-quality silicon bricks must be used, and the thermal insulation layer in contact with the silicon bricks must be made of silicon thermal insulation bricks to avoid contact reaction at the high-temperature interface. At the same time, the tightness of brick joints must be ensured, and the silica refractory mud cannot contain clay or add other impurities.

Reduce the heat of repeated heating. The main purpose is to reduce the heat consumed by repeated heating of refluxed glass liquid, which usually accounts for about one tenth of the heat consumed by glass melting. The measures taken include setting a kiln sill, sinking the liquid flow hole, appropriately reducing the height of the liquid flow hole and appropriately reducing the temperature of the glass liquid entering the liquid flow hole.


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