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What are the three advantages of Baisheng Glass?

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After years of development, glass kilns have advanced design technology and strong technical force. There are 8 glass kilns, 32 production lines and 16 engineers, and they can produce various types of glass bottles and glass products. It is understood that Baisheng Glass has become one of the most popular glass products in the industry.

Excellent quality and good reputation.

Adhering to the enterprise tenet of "science and technology, innovation and service", Baisheng Glass is produced in strict accordance with the national standards of the Ministry of Light Industry and enterprises, and managed according to the ISO9002 quality management system. The product quality is strictly controlled, and the quality is guaranteed. Its high-quality products have won the favor of customers at home and abroad, and some products are even exported to Japan, the United States, Russia, Canada, Australia and other countries. The company's business is not only based at home, but also goes abroad and goes to the world.

There are many varieties and complete sets.

The main products of Baisheng Glass are glass bottles, wine bottles, beverage bottles, perfume bottles, pickles bottles, cans, beverage bottles, honey bottles, infusion bottles, coffee bottles, health bottles, milk bottles, glasses, glassware, glass candlesticks and more than 900 varieties. Besides, Baisheng Glass has its own bottle cap factory, mold factory and carton factory supporting enterprises, which can complete the whole set of production and packaging of series products, and can customize high-quality and high-standard molds for customers in a short time, and launch new products within 7-15 days.

Good service and image-oriented.

"Seek development with integrity, and the quality of service is more important than Mount Tai; Survival by development, customer satisfaction above everything else "is the business philosophy of Baisheng Glass. Convenient transportation, extending in all directions by roads, railways and waterways provide favorable conditions for it to form a mature logistics mode, and can handle consignment, automobile transportation, railway wagons, containers, water transportation and air transportation for customers according to their requirements. The company mainly aims at the current situation of small and medium-sized flat glass enterprises in China and the adjustment of relevant national industrial policies, and upgrades the flat glass production line. Focus on alternative energy utilization (petroleum coke system) and the transformation of photovoltaic calendered glass. While providing high-quality and efficient services to our customers, Baisheng Glass chose to cooperate with china glass. com to informatization its products and services and build a good corporate image through the professional information resource platform of china glass.


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