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What should be paid attention to when selecting materials for glass furnace construction?

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As the core equipment of glass production, the technical level of glass kiln construction is also improving. The technical progress of kiln requires a variety of high-quality refractories as the guarantee conditions, and requires refractories to withstand higher temperatures, more drastic temperature changes, more intense chemical erosion and more severe stress damage. The advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and low pollution of new kiln technology can be realized only by supporting the application of many kinds of high-quality refractories.

At the service temperature, two different refractories that will react chemically should be avoided. When necessary, a transition brick or transition layer should also be set between two different refractory masonry. Otherwise, Z low eutectic point will be formed, which will accelerate the burning loss and erosion of refractories and greatly affect the kiln life of glass kiln. When building refractory materials, the required refractory mud should be the same as that of brick materials. Refractory materials of different materials and refractory mud shall not be mixed.

When selecting and configuring refractories, it should be economical and reasonable, and the matching should be appropriate. Where high-grade refractories should be selected, high-grade refractories should be selected. Otherwise, it will not only affect the life of glass kiln, but also cause great waste and poor economic rationality. Refractory materials used in contact with molten glass should minimize the horizontal brick joints to avoid upward drilling erosion. (especially fused zirconia corundum brick), otherwise the material will be eroded faster.


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