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How to identify float glass by appearance quality

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  1. High-quality float glass is generally colourless and transparent or light green.

  2. Indelible adhesives shouldn't be on the surface of float glass.

  3. Cracks or apparent defects are not allowed.

  4. The uniform thickness and the deviation limit of glass thickness should be between 0.2mm and 0.3mm.

  5. On the same piece of glass, the appearance defects of bubbles, pockmarks, sand grains and optical distortion points cannot be concentrated at the same time, and the minimum distance between each other should be at least more than 10 cm.

  6. Through light inspection, there shouldn't be tin, spots, impurities, traces. No bubbles the diameter of which is over 2 mm is allowed in an area of half a square meter, and the bubbles the diameter which is about 1 mm should be few and cannot be centrally distributed; when observed in a certain direction, there are no more than two optical distortion points. If there are ripples, objects within 4-5 meters should not be deformed when seeing from 30 degrees through the glass.

The difference between float Glass and ordinary Glass


Compared with ordinary glass, float glass is very different in the production process and glass quality. Float glass is made of silica sand,  calcite, soda ash, dolomite and other raw materials at high temperature, then flattened on liquid tin surface, cooled and hardened, separated from molten glass, and finally annealed and cut into the glass sheet. Compared with other glasses, float glass has a more smooth surface, better thickness uniformity, better transparency and excellent optical properties. It can be used to make mirrors, car glass, TV background walls, screens and civil buildings etc.

Company Introduction

Company Introduction

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