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Your turn-key solution provider of various glass production lines(glass furnaces) from design, construction, installation to after-sales maintenance. Send us your inquiry and get our prompt reply within a few hours.
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One-stop service: glass plant design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and technical training.
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Manufacturer and fabricator of furnace auxiliary equipment, combustion system, air system, raw materials workshop equipment, steel structure, etc.
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How To Work With Us


First of all, please send us an email with detailed requirements for the products you need. We will arrange our sales manager to contact you within a few hours.


After checking your requirements, our sales manager and our technicians will provide you with a feasibility study report later according to your environment, terrain, landform, climate and other factors.


Then we will follow up with a quotation sheet based on your actual needs after communication and confirmation.


Payment is to be done by letter of credit and/or telegraphic transfer.
Payment terms: 30% of the contract amount as the advance payment, 40% before delivery, 15% after cold acceptance, 10% after hot acceptance, and the final
 5% within the warranty period.

About Us

Established in Feb. 2006, with a registered capital of RMB 10 million, Nanjing Baisheng Glass Technology Co., Ltd, specialize in the glass engineering EPC, glass plant (furnace) design, furnace (equipment) construction, installation, hot wind heating up and glass furnace hot repair, providing the service for various glass plants including flat glass, rolled photovoltaic glass, electric light source glass, daily glass, water glass(carbon-white) and ceramic frits.
Experience in glass 
furnace industry
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10 years


AR Technical Support
Customized Service
Hot Repair and Cold Repair Service Of Glass Furnace

The Expert Of Glass Melting Furnace

Nanjing Baisheng Glass Technology Co., Ltd.  has outstanding customer service and timely deliveries. They always scramble to help with whatever is needed
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23 March 2023
What Is Float Glass Production Line?

he composition of float glass production line

float glass production.png
03 April 2024
Safety Guide For Float Glass Production

In the production of float glass, safety is paramount at every stage to ensure the well-being of workers and the quality of the final product.

float glass.png
19 March 2024
Why Do We Need To Preheating Raw Materials in Float Glass Production?

This article will introduce why need to add preheating process for float glass production line.

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